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How to Pick a Wedding Venue Successfully

Yay, it’s finally your turn! Now you are not going to assist someone close to you in her wedding preparations because it is going to be your very own wedding that you will be working out. As can be expected, there will be a bunch of details that you’ll have to put attention to and one of them is your wedding venue. If you have not chosen yet, then this article will be of great help to you. There are numerous places that are open to hold weddings and events today. But as you move down, you will learn certain tips that are essential to follow when picking a venue for your wedding.

How to Pick Your Wedding Venue

1. List Some Options

You might want to list down first the venues of the previous weddings you’ve attended. But if you seem to be looking for something else, then you can do your research through search engines and social media. Of course, you can also use the ever traditional but effective way which is asking from family, friends and acquaintances. Suggestions after suggestions, you should be able to come up with a list of potential wedding venues that you will be picking between. Do not include the ones that do not meet your criteria at first glance, or crash them out if you’ve listed them.

2. Check the Details and Make a Visit

Side by side with listing, you should gather information about each of those wedding venues. Take note of their location, hall type, ambience, view, and capacity. In terms of location, those nearer and accessible to guests and attendees are often a better option. In terms of hall type, ambience and view, you should consider which one jives with your wedding’s theme. Whether you’re looking for something formal or classic, your actual visit to the place should help identify the ones that fit. And then of course, you must not miss to check the available area of the place. The hall itself should be able to hold your targeted number of participants without discomfort. Talking about capacity, you should make up your mind in terms of the type of tables and chairs that shall be used. At this point, you should also decide whether you are going to hold the wedding and the reception in one and the same place.

3. Identify Top Picks and Make a Choice

After collecting the needed details, you should see yourself nearing to the point of making a decision. With all of the information that you know, do the elimination job to filter and narrow down your choices until you only have a few top options. In some cases, one venue will have one thing that the other doesn’t. But the one that doesn’t also has something that the one has lacks. Sometimes, no venue can has all you need. Figure out which ones you must prioritize and which ones you can compromise. And most of all, ask about the pricing and the basis of their rates before coming up with the final pick.

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