What To Ask A Tulsa DUI Lawyer

In Oklahoma, drivers face DUI charges based on the blood-alcohol content reading secured after their arrest. The results of the test initiated by the officers determine whether or not the driver is guilty of the offense. A Tulsa DUI lawyer could provide clarity about common questions that criminal defendants may have about their charges.

How Does Implied Consent Work and Is There a Way Around It?

Implied consent is a ruling used by the state to indicate that the driver’s choice to drive while intoxicated gives the officers the right to test them for alcohol. However, despite this ruling, the defendant still has Miranda Rights, and the officers cannot force the driver to submit to testing. As long as the driver is tested, they won’t face charges for a refusal, and the defendant can delay testing until their attorney is present.

How is Probable Cause Established?

The officers must establish …

Should You Learn to Drive?

More and more people are now beginning to wonder if driving is worth the drawbacks. They worry about the money they will spend for a car and their contribution to air pollution. However, before a person decides if they wish to obtain a driver’s license, they need to have all of the facts. Consider these facts before proceeding to make a decision that is right for you.


A person becomes more independent when they have a driver’s license. They don’t have to depend on others to get them where they want or need to go. This provides freedom that a person without a license does not have.

Furthermore, public transportation can be unreliable, and this may hurt a person’s career. If they are regularly late due to the public transport being late, they may not move forward in their career at a rapid rate. This isn’t an issue when …

Make Sure You’ll Acquire The Appropriate Support Right After An Arrest

One of the greatest concerns nowadays immediately after an arrest is that an individual’s legal rights are violated. This may result in a conviction even if someone is actually innocent. Whenever a person will be arrested, they are going to desire to ensure they speak to a lawyer right away to enable them to have the assistance they need regardless of whether they wish to Ask a legal question or get aid proving their own innocence.

A person who has been arrested will need to be sure their particular civil rights are upheld to enable them to make sure they will not be convicted in case they had not been the one to be able to have committed the offense. They’re going to desire to keep away from conversing with any person before they meet with a legal professional to be able to make certain they don’t unintentionally say nearly …

What Can You Do About a Misdemeanor Arrest?

Although misdemeanors are not as serious as felonies, they can still have a significant impact on a person’s life. When a person is arrested and charged with any misdemeanor, they will want to make sure they speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible about their options and will want to work with their lawyer to minimize the impact the arrest will have on their future.

Fight to Have the Charge Dismissed

The first step a lawyer will often take is to have the charges dismissed if possible. They might try a few different tactics for this. If they can have evidence suppressed, for example, there might not be enough evidence to secure a conviction and, thus, the person might be able to have their charges dismissed. They will no longer have to worry about having a conviction if this occurs.

Fight to Avoid a Conviction

If the charges cannot …

Reviewing The Law With An International Trade Lawyer

In Michigan, business owners who want to venture overseas must become well-versed in trade laws. These laws apply to trading in any country outside the United States. All companies that wish to start these ventures must discover all applicable trade laws in each country in which they wish to conduct business. An International trade Lawyer could assist these companies in these opportunities.

Understanding Trade Regulations

According to the commerce clause in the U.S. Constitution, Congress creates laws and enforces legislature involved in foreign trade. The laws prevent unfair business practices that could stop a fair market for all businesses. This includes but is not limited to bid-rigging in business auctions and contract acquisitions as well as price-fixing that could present financial hardships for smaller businesses and corporations.

The laws also apply to any form of deception or fraudulent actions that could present unfair trade conditions. These actions could ultimately affect …