How I Became An Expert on Uniforms

How to Choose Scrub Wear.

Scrubs are uniforms generally worn by health workers in health institutions or facilities. The facilities acquire them for their staff, be it nurses, doctors, pediatricians, etc. The buyer of the health facility always have a supplier who makes the uniforms and deliver when needed. The procurement department is tasked with the role of procuring scrubs for the facility. Here is a guideline to help in procuring the scrubs for any health facility.

The first step is to establish a reliable supplier especially if it is the first time to source for scrubs. Follow the right procurement channels as per the company policies. Request for quotations from three or more suppliers for comparison purposes. The management should communicate on the style they want for the facilities’ scrubs. Each department can have a different scrub design, e.g., the paediatric unit can have scrubs made of kid-themed fabric, maternity wing can have scrubs with feminine colors, and a different color for the general wing.

Once you have established a supplier, they should take measurements of every staff. It is recommended to get fitting clothing in areas such as kitchen, laboratory or rooms with equipment, as loose clothing can cause accidents. Order enough change of scrubs for each staff as a health facility worker should always be clean and neat. Order the scrubs in bulk to receive discounts.

When choosing the scrubs, consider the quality of the fabric. Fabrics such as cotton is highly recommended for making medical scrubs and other hospitals linen. Choose a piece of fabric that will be comfortable to wear for everyone. Have in mind, the location of the health facility. A lightweight fabric will be ideal for hospitals located in places with high humidity and high temperatures. In areas with low temperatures, choose a warm fabric to ensure the scrubs are warm to wear.

The fabric should be easy to maintain as well as wash. Ensure the fabric is machine wash, as hand washing might not be possible as the scrubs are many.

Factor in the style of the scrub wear. For comfortability, choose a comfy neckline from a variety of styles provided, such a v-neckline, round neckline, keyhole, and many more. Consider adding some beauty by matching the scrubs with a scarf and a bow-tie for the female and male workers respectively. Scrubs for nurses and doctors should also have pockets to put important accessories such as gloves.

The scrubs can also be stamped with details such as e logo, the name of the worker and the department shoe is working at. This facilitates easier identification of the worker within the health facility premises. Displaying the logo on the scrubs s also a form of marketing the health facility’s brand. The logo and details should be embroidered on places where they are visible.

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How I Became An Expert on Uniforms